Hire an apprentice

Take on an apprentice for your company this year, it’s even easier now to hire and get training funding for arborist apprentices. We recognise that historically taking on an apprentice has been quite a confusing process the launch of a new Government backed guide helps answer your questions and guide you through the process. See the guide HERE as an industry we have a duty to bring young people in to our industry to inspire them about tree work and the environment. 

It's not free you will need to pay them an apprentice salary but if your company pays less than £3 million in tax and you have less than 49 staff then you could get up to £14,250 towards their training paying only £750 yourself. The great thing about apprentice placements is they are trained to do the job your way. Calculate your funding HERE

The Government site also helps you promote your vacancy but don't forget Arbjobs also offers clients FREE trainee and apprentice job posts to target applicants especially interested in working in our industry. Contact us for more information on how we can help you recruit.