Creating an Effective Job Description for Tree Surgeon Positions

Any hiring process starts with effectively advertising your open positions. But a good advert needs an effective job description to succeed in attracting the right candidates. 

In this blog, we will cover everything to know about creating the best job description for your tree surgeon job vacancies. Posting to our site will allow tree surgeons to find your job on a global level. Serving arborists globally, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK, Arbjobs provides a wealth of resources so you can find the best tree surgeons available today. But how do you use Arbjobs, how do you target trained professionals in a specific field, and how do you create an effective job description for your open positions? 

Creating an effective tree surgeon job description and ad for your open position can be made easy by following these simple steps:

  • Appeal to the person applying
  • Research the job market
  • Be realistic and honest
  • Promote your benefits
  • Use the marketing tools available
  • Promote your Ad
  • Be communicative and respond as soon as possible

In this article, we aim to help you avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes people make when trying to recruit. Our aim is to ensure your advert has the best possible chance of finding the staff that you need. 

Use this information as a guide when promoting your job with us to get the best out of Arbjob’s job tree surgeon recruitment services. 

Before You Build Your Tree Surgeon Job Description

Before you build your advert, make sure to do some research into the current jobs market to understand your own position within this field. 

Research the Job Market

In the video below, Nick explains why it’s important to research the job market before you launch a recruitment campaign. While writing your tree surgeon job description you should ask yourself:

  • Are your salary or benefits competitive?
  • Who else is trying to recruit locally?
  • What do they offer prospective candidates?

You need to be competitive for your campaign to work.

Other Companies Are Posting Job Adverts 

As other companies will be posting job offers around a similar time who are targeting similar prospective staff, you should ask yourself:

  • What might they be doing to attract staff over you? 
  • What are they offering that you aren’t?

Simply taking a look at other job offers can help you identify any gaps in your job offer that you might want to incorporate into your own campaign. Do they structure their ad in a way that seems appealing and easy to read? 

Be Realistic 

One key takeaway from a recruitment drive is that it can make you atone with your current business offering. Your advert needs to be a realistic offering of the job in question. If it doesn’t compete with other similar job offerings on our site or the broader industry, what can you do to help fill this gap and make your company an attractive opportunity for prospective candidates? 

Are You Offering Trainees' Pay At An Experienced Level? 

Review the current jobs market - there is no value in offering positions that are under market value. If different firms are offering more pay - is this based on location or perks within that firm? Would it be beneficial to your recruitment process to offer a higher wage for the open role?

Watch our video guide on Researching Advert Content

Understand Why Should Someone Work For You?

Stand out from the crowd with your mission statement and the company's core values. 

When recruiting, something to bear in mind is that prospective new hires need to be attracted to the role that you are hiring for as well as the company. If you have something unique to offer, then start with that information. 

Understanding the key reasons why someone should work for you could be as simple as speaking with your current staff and seeing why they work for you. Similarly, update yourself and your current workers on your key values as a business. If you are a particularly ethical or environmentally friendly company, lead with this information in your description. 

What Are The Benefits Of Working For Your Firm?

  • Are you a small, family-run firm? 
  • Are located in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Do you have regular work events? 
  • Are you well-known within local, national or international events? 

Catch and hold their attention. Build into your ad the benefits of working for you by asking existing employees, or review the benefits of working for you against common complaints seen in your industry. 

  • Can or do you offer accommodation? 
  • Is your area cheaper to live in? 
  • Is your company located near the city centre? 
  • Do you have any recent staff testimonials? 

Understanding the value that you as a business can offer prospective candidates is often the difference between successful and unsuccessful recruitment campaigns. 

Watch our video guide about promoting your benefits

Putting Your Advert Together

Keeping your ad content clear and to the point is key to creating a tree surgeon job description in particular. You should create your ad not as a demand for workers, but as a formal offer of a mutual contract between parties. Therefore, your ad should promote your business in a succinct and clear way. This should include 2 core elements:

  • Why working for you is a good mutual contract
  • What are you offering in return?

Be Communicative

To help communicate these values, your tree surgeon job description shouldn’t include demands. This might include instances where you may remove words such as ‘applicants must’ or ‘ you need to have…’ in favour of more encouraging language. This might include ‘preferred applicant would have…’, for instance. 

Tell Them How To Apply And Brief Them On Your Timeline

Simply giving clear links or information on how to apply could be the difference between successful and unsuccessful campaigns. Adding a clear call-to-action on your post could help direct people into finding out more about your listing, or even get them to pick up the phone and speak with you in person. 

Encourage Early Human Contact

Simply responding quickly and succinctly to your applicants might be the difference between finding a suitable candidate for your job offer and losing them to another company. Adding a name to a phone number acts as a first introduction of sorts. Speaking with the candidate as soon as it is reasonable to do so will make you stand out in their minds and it will give them a base point by which they compare possible other offers.

Watch our video guide on how to present your recruitment advert

Promote Your Open Position

Here at Arbjobs, we only promote tree care jobs. Our reach extends to over 10,000 visitors a month, and our adverts make impressions on millions of people yearly. Understanding and properly filling out our job promotion pages could help you fully reach this audience successfully. 

Give Your Ads Time

Most ads need to run for a month or longer if you are looking for recruitment in a specialist field or for a remote location. Spending time and effort in finding the right new member of your team should be as important as training or staff retention. It can be a long process and it might require you to spend more time answering calls or replying to emails. 

However, Arbjobs is the largest specialist arboriculture job site in the world. Giving your ad time to work and finding the right applicant can take up to 3 months. 

Promote Through Trade Events And Social Media

Arbjobs puts in the work for you. We advertise our services through trade shows, magazines and Google Ads and LinkedIn. 

Our attendance at trade shows as the best, dedicated tree surgery employment service in the UK doesn’t go unnoticed. We speak to hundreds of tree surgeons and business owners who look for new specialists regularly. Posting your job offer to Arbjobs during and after key events in the tree surgery calendar could be crucial in finding the right person. 

We use Google Analytics to show us the number of viewers that are interested in our job posts. Up to 30th June 2023,  we have had 90,655 job seeker sessions so far this year. This includes just 13,903 in June alone. This resulted in 41,073 advert page views, which brings the annual total to 279,187 views so far for 2023.

In June alone, our Social Media posts alone have reached 78,768 people on Facebook with an 11% (8,693) rate of engagement.  This means that nearly 80,000 people were made aware of our job offers in June, and nearly 9,000 of that 80,000 actively clicked and engaged with our job offers. Hootsuite, a digital marketing app recognise a successful engagement rate against impressions as being between 1 and 5%. This means that our ads are at least twice as likely as other well-performing marketing strategies at converting impressions into engaged users. 

Use Marketing Materials

We have a fraction of a second to promote our job to passers-by in their news feeds. To help catch the eye of your prospective candidates on different platforms, you ought to format your ad appropriately.  That means including high-quality images and even video testimonials from your team in your job advert. 

Here at Arbjobs, our job is to help you find tree surgeons that are perfect for the role that you are hiring for. Using our marketing tools to their full potential can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful marketing campaign.

More often than not, failing to provide suitable images or videos might mean that you are reducing your chances to stand out to the right person.

Marketing images should be 526 pixels wide and 275 pixels high (landscape) they should ideally depict the role you are promoting e.g. consultant role shows a consultant looking at a tree. Most smartphones are now quite capable of taking suitable images to use. 

Images and video can be added once an advert is live so don't let this delay you

Watch our video guide on using marketing materials Job Alerts

Job Alerts allow site users the opportunity to receive 1 or more alerts to their phone per month based on the areas in arboriculture that they are targeting. Using these job alerts to your favour can be the difference between the length at which you run your campaign. 

You can then select one or more specific countries you might like to work in along with regions or types of jobs and job titles. The wider your search and the more boxes you tick the more jobs you should be sent on an alert.

Job Alerts can also be boosted using the Premium Job Alert feature, where applicants can be made aware of your job listing instantly. Selecting this option could give you the much-needed boost your job ad needs to reach its highest audience.

Watch our video guide

Creating Effective Tree Surgeon Job Ads with

Creating clear and concise tree surgeon job descriptions has never been easier with Arbjobs’ simple tools, and there’s never been a better time to search for new staff. 

Whether it’s for trainee arborists or technical tree surgeons, Arbjobs has the tools to get tree surgeons working and happy in their roles.

For information on how to advertise your job listing with us, check out our pricing page.