Here we hope to answer common questions asked about the Arbjobs service. Please select your relevant tab below "Jobseeker FAQ's" relate to job applicant questions and "Company FAQ's" relate to more employer based questions. If you cannot find an answer here please message us your question via the third tab "Ask us a question" and we will endevour to respond to you within 24 hours.

Q: How do I apply for a job?

A: As a jobseeker you are usually communicating directly to potential employer. So first impressions count there are three ways to make contact.

1. Set up a jobseeker account with enter your personal information create, edit and add your own CV/ resume/ work history. Write a small generic introductory message about yourself. When logged in you can simply add this profile to any application you wish to make saving you time and effort in future applications. 

2.  Create an account as described in section 1. when logged in you can amend the application editorial text to better suit individual positions.

3. Stay external with no need to create a profile write an individual application for each job.

Q: How much does this cost me?

A: The service we offer is totally free for applicants. Additional paid services may become available in the future but these will be optional for now the site is completely free for job applicants.

Q: What is the benefit of having an applicant account?

A: Taking the time to set up an applicant account will give you:

  • Greater merit with a potential employer. 
  • Faster job applications
  • Access to latest jobs as they are posted via our Job Alert service
  • View your application history
  • Communicate directly with employers via our messenger service
  • Amend your work history and experience for future use
  • Access to other account benefits

Q: What are Job Alerts?

A: Job alerts simply inform you via email when any job meeting your criteria is loaded.  

Q: Will I get bombarded with Job Alerts and junk emails?

A: Job Alerts are there to assist you we certainly don't want to annoy you so we have built a filter in to your account area allowing you to choose how often they are sent to your email. This includes "NEVER" so you have control over the system. Switch it off when you have a position and resurrect and activate it when you are actively looking again. We aim to send out only one email a month  highlighting news and special offers available to our account holders at any time you can unsubscribe from these emails.

Q: Do you recommend the employers who advertise with you?

A: Sadly it is impossible for us to visit and validate every employer we highly recommend you question them fully about terms of employment and  professionalism before agreeing any employment package.

Q: What do I have to do to get a job?

A: Each position advertised will have specific requirements they are seeking, reviewing a few of these you should see a pattern in requirements. You then need to address any short fall in your experience or training. A well drafted CV/ Resume detailing your previous posts, experience and training will certainly help.

Q: If I have most of the training and  experience an employer want's should I still apply?

A: There is nothing to stop you applying especially if you are prepared to work to gain the additional training required. Experience obviously comes with time and exposure so may be harder to resolve. We would hope an employer would be polite enough to acknowledge your application even if you are not suitable and some may even be willing to give you some guidance on how to progress your career.  

Q: Can you guarantee me a job?

A: No we cannot guarantee anyone a job placement there are normally a variety of positions available each employer will hopefully specify their requirements in their job advert. Depending on  availability of staff at the time the advert is running some of these requirements may be flexible or negotiable but the final staff selection is down to to the employer.

Q:Will the site work for me? 

In 2021 our verified Google analytics show we had 205,126 individual visitors who looked at a total of 669,685 pages. Our visitors are very specific as all we promote is tree care jobs. We also have a huge social media following so we can get your advert seen however the quality and content of your advert will have the largest affect how your advert performs. Please watch our free video guide packages  before placing any adverts. 

Q: How much do you charge ? 

Arbjobs offers employers packages and job marketing oppotunities to suit all client needs and we hope to meet all budgets. Visit our pricing page to review packages and fees.

Q: How does Arbjobs work?

Arbjobs was established to bring together employers and employees. Build initially on a simple notice board system the site has undergone several rebuilds to add additional service features to everyone using the site. Employers pay to load their adverts whilst employees use the service for free to bring you direct applications. We charge no finders or placement fee all you pay for is your advert.

Q: How many jobs can I load? 

A: You can load as many jobs as you wish we do ask that each type of job is given a seperate job advert. So although you can advertise ten positions for arborist climbers you cannot advertise for arborist climbers, groundsman and team leaders all on the same advert. Its really down to the way the site works applicants search by job type and when loading a job you have to sepcify which type of job you are promoteing. We also have an extensive data base of job seekers signed up to our job alert system just waiting for a specific job type if you load your job under the wrong type they will not be notified. 

Q: How long will my advert on Arbjobs run for? 

A: We offer advertising periods from 1 to 2 months. Our enhanced featured adverts are shared on our social media platforms attracting more applicants so rarely need longer.

Q: Should I book a one or two month advert? 

A: Two-month adverts are discounted however it is worth considering the benefits of running two one month adverts instead. Each time a new advert is loaded it appears in our new advert section as the advert gets older it moves down the listings. Every new featured advert is also shared on our social media network so two one-month adverts mean your advert goes to the top of the listing twice and if featured gets shared twice by comparison a two month advert is only premiered once. 

Q: Do all your jobs get shared on social media? 

A: Only our featured job adverts are shared on our social media network. With a featured job we encourage employers to add a job specific Facebook photo this image helps capture the attention of more potential applicants. The image should be cropped to 526x275 pixels. If possilble you can embed your company logo but it should take up no more than 20% of the image. Please ensure images depict your company in the best possible light. 

Q: Can I add a video to my advert? 

A: Featured adverts have the ability to embed a video link to YouTube who host the video the specific URL of this video can be added to your advert. It will appear in the top right of the screen and when opened will play for the user on the advert page. Corporate video's are a great way to engage with potential applicants givng them a real insight in to your company. 

Q: Can I book a longer advertising period ?

A: We found that offering longer marketing periods meant the job advert slowly fell to the bottom of the listings and remained there until it expired. If you need to refreshing the job listing after one or two months it moves back to the top of our listings giving you a far better chance of finding the staff you need.

Q: Do I get an official invoice? 

A: Yes all your invoices are stored on your account you can access and download them via your account menu.

Q: Do you have a list of applicants ?

A: We do have a registry of jobseekers but this is not yet available for employer perusal, however applicants signed up to our job alert service will be informed when a new job is loaded meeting their requirements. 

Q: Are you a recruitment agency ?

A: No is a jobs notice board you will get both suitable and unsuitable applicants it is down to you as the employer to filter these. We can put you in touch with a number of recruitment agencies who use our service to find staff for clients they will review interview and vet potential applicants before presenting you a short list they have selected, they will quite rightly  charge a larger fee for this service.

Q: How do applicants  contact me ?

A: When your advert is running applicants can contact you direct from the website we like to do this so their applications can be recorded against your advert ensuring they are not lost in junk or spam mail. Our administration team can set your account to forward you copies of the contact message. A hard copy will always be available listed agains the advert.

Q: Can I amend my job once it is loaded ? 

A: Yes once a job advert is loaded and live on the website you can amend editorial section and add images and video links to our featured jobs. To do this click joblistings in your account menu, click on the job title you wish to amend, a page will open showing you a sumary of the job and to the right an orange amend button will appear. Click this button and the origional advert template will be shown. Scrol down thsi and make your amendments at at the bottom click the central orange amend button. The advert will be sent to us for moderation following which it will seamlessly replace your existing advert. You will not be able to carry out further amendments during the moderation period or before the job has been approved. 

Q: Can I re load and old job advert? 

A: Yes to save you time once and advert has expired you can clone it to create a brand new advert to do this click on job listings in your account menu click on the title of the expired job you wish to copy. A new page will appear showing the sumary of the exiting advert top right of the page is an orange button that says amend/relist this advert. Click this button and a new advert template will be created including all the orgional text amend this text as you see fit and either save the advert for later or add it to the basket and proceed to payment. It is worth including a new date referance on this advert to avoid confusion. 

Q: I have had a message but can't find my applicants on the account

A: When an applicant has made contact a record of all applications will be listed against your advert so go to job  listing in your account menu then select and click to open the relevant job. When the page opens you should see a list of applicant details listed by name. Click on each of these for contact infromation and to download a CV. We discourage listed your email in the main advert as applicants may contact you directly and we will have no records stored for you so if they are misdirected to junk or spam, deleted or lost there is nothing we can do to help.

If you cannot find an answer in our help area then please send us your question and we will endevour to answer it within 24 hours.