What to include in your job advert

 The success of failure of any job advert depends on how it appeals to potential applicants who often have a choice of employer in short your advert needs to stand out.  Time spent producing a quality advert will help attract more applicants.  

 We have split the advert template in to three main areas consider each zone individually. Keep any information relevant and short as many applicants view our site on smart phones extensive text can make them prematurely move on to the next advert. 

1. About the company

 Applicants need you to give them confidence in your company, include information like when you established what professional memberships (add membership images to your account), the approximate size of the company and client base e.g. private or commercial.  Breifly highlight your policy regarding employee education, training, health and safety and finally what locations you cover.

 2. About the job

Describe the job you are marketing and highlight anticipated duties. Do not focus on the mundane parts of the job " Other duties" should adequately describe these.  

What perks are you including thes emight include P.P.E, corporate clothing,  training, career development, health care, holidays and transport all of which can help promote your vacancy. 

My advice is don't include a salary figure, the absolutely ideal candidate for your role may be on slightly more money than you are offering do you want to hear from them? We recommend using the term "Salary based on qualifications and experience" Salaries can vary hugely our job is to put you in communication with potential employees allowing you to start negotiations you cannot negotiate without applications.

 Multiple job roles, we have no issue with an advert seeking multiple applicants for the same role e.g. ten climber positions but we do not allow adverts covering multiple roles e.g. ground staff, climber and foreman will be declined in moderation as they are simply not viable. At  Arbjobs applicants search by job roles climbers go to the climbers area etc. So multiple positions listed under one role simply don't work. 

 Please also do not include your contact details in any advert, direct emails go astray and phone calls are missed meaning you lose that applicant. Let applicants use the Arbjobs "APPLY" service it ensures every application made is recorded against each job in Job ListingÂť so you never lose the contact information.

  3. Skills required

 Highlight the skills you are seeking from the applicant. Consider that  the higher you set the bar the less applicants you will reach. We would recommend casting your net wider then review and prioritise the results.  Remember you can always decline an application but again to do this you need to have applications.

 Avoid any terms using the phrase "Must have" replace it with terms like "Ideally would have" and "Preference given to applicants with" these terms allows for some deviation from your perfect candidate which should collate to more applications.

Please remember it is your duty to ensure your advert meets current employment law and regulations to avoid any legal issues we recommend you review this before placing any advert.

Social media 

We use social media to help promote our enhanced Featured adverts so please ensure you add a Facebook photograph promoting the job role and if you have one please also add corporate video link. Both will help attract potential applicants.

Reviewing your advert 

Via job listings you can review an adverts performance our Google verified statistics show how many visitors have viewed your advert. If you have a lot of views yet limited applications review and amend your advert content.

Amending your advert 

You can amend the advert editorial at any time. To do this click on job listings in your account menu then the job title, then look for the orange "amend" button to the right of the page please try to limit the number of amendments you make as we need to moderate and approve every one before it goes live. During moderation, you cannot make further amendments. Your old advert will only be replaced once the new advert has been approved. 


You can download a copy of any purchase invoices by clicking on the invoices section of your account menu. 

Reach more applicants 

Our enhanced featured adverts are also promoted to our social media network reaching more potential applicants. If you want to enhance your adverts potential review the potential a featured advert offers you.

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Arbsites Ltd makes no representations or warranties in relation to employment offered or information provided by advertisers. It is the applicant’s duty to fully investigate any company and agree terms before accepting employment.