Supported job advert

For many small companies’ recruitment is fraught with difficulties. With thirty years’ experience in recruiting for the arboricultural industry we aim to support and mentor clients struggling with the process. 

When you purchase a Supported advert, you will have already completed the Post A job Template. A member of the team will be allocated as your support contact and they will review your advert content before discussing any amendments or additions to enhance its appeal. They can help advise you regarding content and editorial priority and be there to support you throughout the process with updates along with a final personal review at the end of the advertising period. 

Your assistant will assist you with marketing graphics and your logo ensuring they are both correctly sized and formatted before the advert goes live. If you have a corporate video they can also help embedded this within the advert. 

When you are happy with the layout your assistant will then push your advert across to the marketing team who will work out how best to promote your vacancy to our data base of applicants and out to the wider industry via social media. Whilst trialling this service these costs will be covered within your one advert fee. 

The idea is to fully support you throughout the recruitment process. For personal assistance with multiple or long-term vacancy promotions please contact us to discuss a rate. 

Our self-managed Featured adverts remain best value to our clients but we wanted to offer this enhanced service as an option to fill the gap between a recruitment agency and our Jobs Board. Having been guided with our supported service, clients can always select Featured adverts for future campaigns.