Use the tools to find staff

With the current Arb industry so buoyant we find ourselves at one end of the employment see saw.

With so many companies now established, good applicants are hard to find and applicants can be picky. So if you want to attract qualified, experienced applicants you have to work much harder to promote your staff vacancy. 

Now this is where our site is different we are so far ahead of the curve most clients have never seen the tools we offer anywhere else. Well we intend to keep ahead and are already working on more services to help you but for now it’s important to utilise all the tools we already provide. 

With all our jobs you can now add up to three membership logos to your company account you can do this on the "Edit company details" section of the account menu. Adding professional membership logos adds credibility to your advert so if you have them, add them. 

As you know only our enhanced featured adverts are shared to our social media network and we encourage you to add a marketing photo to help capture applicant’s attention on social media. You can also embed a link to a corporate video to help give potential applicants a feel for your company.

Your marketing photos can be taken on a smart phone the don't need to be taken by a professional for best fit the image wants to be landscape in orientation and aim for good content images of climbers using a saw one handed may have an adverse effect on the promotion. 

Likewise, video doesn't have to be that flash smart phones now have a host of video tools, including time lapse mode. What better way to show what its like to work for your company than to film a job in time lapse. Films need to be uploaded to Vimeo or You Tube you can then cut and paste the URL to your job template and the video will show up on your advert. 

Advert content is so important so please read our guide on how to produce a winning advert HERE. You can also read our six step guide to "Catching Staff" HERE. We want to help you find staff but please help yourselves and use the tools we provide.