Time to adapt and evolve ?

Running Arbjobs I’ve had the opportunity to monitor employment trends over the last twenty-one years during a variety of financial climates and seasons. In many ways the current COVID outbreak is similar to any recession period with far less employment opportunities available.

However it's clear that one sector of arboriculture kicks this trend. The Utility sector in the main has to continue working to keep the UK infrastructure running. Power, Highways and Rail all require ongoing and essential tree work. Viewed by many arbororists as a less desirable employment option utility work appears little influenced by economic changes so my advice would be to consider preparing yourself or your team  by investing in PTS (Personal Track Safety) qualification and or additional U.A or highways qualifications giving you the ability to adapt and evolve in difficult times.  

Nick Pott - Arbjobs.com

 “In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” 

Charles Darwin