STIHL is set to launch a new cordless KombiEngine in May 2018, the lightest in the entire range, that is compatible with not only all current Stihl KombiTools, but also four new Kombi attachments, as the manufacturer continues to broaden its cordless product offering to the professional user. 

 Weighing only 3.2kg for the powerhead and shaft, the new KMA 130 R is a powerful and lightweight cordless KombiEngine with high torque, low vibration and is 800 grams lighter than its petrol alternative (KM 94 RC-E).

 Used in conjunction with the AR backpack batteries or the AP battery belt, the KMA 130 R utilises three power levels to enhance energy efficiency, is ideally suited to work in applications in noise-sensitive areas and can be comfortably used for a prolonged period of time due to its low vibration levels.

 In addition to the existing seven KombiTools the new KombiEngine can be used in conjunction with, the KMA 130 R is also compatible with four new lighter weight Kombi attachments. These include the HT-KM pole pruner, HL-KM 0o hedge trimmer, HL-KM 145o hedge trimmer and FH-KM 145o scrub cutter, all of which have been enhanced to reduce the overall weight of the tool and are suited for domestic and professional use.

 The new STIHL AR 1000 backpack battery is ideal for use with the powerful KMA 130 R, with a FS KM grass trimmer attachment being able to run for up to 100 minutes on a single charge, or up to 500 minutes with a HL KM hedgetrimmer attachment.

 When used in conjunction with the AL 500 charger, the AR 1000 backpack battery can be charged in as little as two hours, cutting down the time expenditures usually necessary for charging.

 The KMA 130 R, combined with the AR 1000 backpack battery and AL 500 charger, has a recommended retail price of £1,070 including VAT.

 For more information on the KMA 130 R or STIHL’s extensive range of cordless machinery, please visit