Staff benefits what's in it for me?

Employers want the best staff but what attracts and retains them?

Within recruitment campaigns many companies highlight what they want from their staff yet fail to highlight what they offer in return. A massive oversight that not only damages your campaign it also wastes endless amounts of money and time recruiting each year. I want my clients campaigns to work so lets look at this issue. 

 So benefits motivate people to do something. In this instance I want to motivate you by showing you how offering staff benefits can make your life easier and your business more efficient and profitable. My mantra when adding benefits is make their motivation work for you or your goals their goals. I implemented some of these systems in my old tree care company and doubled my turnover in the first month! It’s amazing what motivated staff can achieve.

Benefits to you

• Attract Staff to your company
• Maintain and motivate existing staff
• Staff willing to work additional hours to get job done
• Keeping staff safe and avoid litigation and time off sick
• Save on recruitment costs
• Internally develop staff to help your company grow
• Gain better educated more knowledgeable staff
• Save money on damaged P.P.E and Equipment
• Bring in new work

Staff Benefits : 

Employees are not always motivated by big basic salary they may be tempted to take it and coast. If you can show them that by helping you, they benefit financially and or psychologically. Remember make your goals their goals.

 How many of these benefits can you currently offer in your recruitment campaigns?

• Bonus Schemes for productivity and quality
• Commission on new introduced business
• Shares in annual cost savings
• Training supply and rewards
• Education supply and rewards
• Welfare reviews Welfare services
• Safety rewards
• Family / social events
• Flexible Hours / time in lieu system
• P.P.E/ equipment reward scheme
• Customer care rewards Flexible Hours / time in lieu system
• Staff Mentoring scheme

The benefits list isn't exhaustive and if you have a system that has worked for you please feel free to share it with us. Let us know which of these ideas you’d like us to focus on first and we will expand on them based on your feedback.