Personalisation of machinery

Because One Size Does Not Fit All.............................

There are a number of advantages to personalising your Woodchipper. Doug Ghinn, Sales and Marketing Director at Först, explains:

"The personalisation of woodchippers isn’t a new concept, it’s actually been around for years. However, there’s no doubt that it’s getting more and more popular now than it ever has done before.

As a business, Först has developed an excellent reputation in the sector for providing high performance and robust machines backed up with a commitment to provide a first class service offering. This service offering also includes the personalisation of Först woodchippers into whatever colour our customers want.

The process is really simple, if one of our customers wants to personalise their woodchipper, we will work with them every step of the way to ensure their machine looks exactly how they want it. All we ask for is an extra two weeks lead time for delivery.

There are a number of advantages to personalising your woodchipper. For example, if you want your machines personalised into your own corporate colours, the benefits are that it can look extremely professional, it can boost staff morale and can be fantastic for helping to increase brand awareness.

Personalising your machine in line with your brand is the most common request we have, like the two blue Först woodchippers that A Cut Above Tree Specialists has to reflect its brand identity, merchandise and the rest of its fleet, or the ten white Först machines Brockwells Forestry has for exactly the same reasons.

An additional advantage of this service is that it can help increase on-site safety. EOS Contracting, for instance, has its machines personalised in matt black with a high visibility reflective orange. The high visibility colour of the woodchipper helps aid the team when working early in the morning or later in the evening when visibility can be restricted.

We have also recently had a request from a customer in Denmark for a pink Först woodchipper as the customer is looking at how he can rent this particular machine out to help raise money for Cancer Research.

Whether you want your machine personalised or not, it’s really down to preference. At Först, we have an extremely strong brand identity that our customers recognise instantly for its quality and are extremely proud to be associated with so they don’t want to change anything. But we still personalise at least one machine every week, so it’s clearly something that’s here to stay. The only advice we give customers is that personalising can affect residual values, in the long run, buyers of used machines are generally looking for something in standard colours so that is something to bear in mind. "

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