Master Class in Creating a Job Advert

Break the advert in to three sections our job template is broken up in this way. Copy and paste this guide to a word document and edit it in your own time. The arbjobs website times out fo security three hours from login so please don't spend three hours editing your advert live on the site or you could lose all your work. When you are ready cut and paste your advert back on to the advert template. If in doubt always save your advert for later you can then find it in the job listings section of your account menu and continue to write it. So where were we oh yes three sections: 

1. About the company 2. About the role 3. Describing the skills you need. So lets look at each section in turn.

 About the company:

How long the company has been running.

Who backs the company what has been invested how big is the business. 

Diversity of client base.  

Aims and aspirations (AA membership. ISO approved etc)

Safety, equipment, environmental and training ethics

All these items give an applicant confidance in your business. 


About the job:

What is the job role ( one short sentence )

Arboricultural (job title ) to.......... manage, maintain, grow the contracting teams.

Benefits get these in early this is how you attract the applicant and create interest in the role. 

Benefits could include:

Highly competitive salary with no ceiling bonus based on business development and profitability etc etc 

We actively encourage ongoing training and CPD

Career development within the business

Safety and security

Equipment and PPE

Vehicle & mileage package

 (edit accordingly) 


You may not be recruiting locally so tell appplicants who may be relocating a little bit about your area is it nice how do house proces and rental compare to other areas local towns and transport are all concerns for someone relocating. Can you offer short term accomodation duing a trial period?  

More about the role:

Tell the applicant more about the duties expected. If you want to attract applicants don't dwell on the mundane use the term "along with other duties" 


Skills you require:

You will attract more applicants the less you stipulate.

"We would welcome applications from anyone who believe they have the ability to....."  and "Previous experience in this role would be beneficial but not critical"

Put simply the more specific you are about years in trade, experiance, and qualifications  the fewer applicants will be viable. Set the bar too high and you drastically restric your number of applications. Isn't it better to have a larger selection and whittle it down to applicants coming closest to your requirements. 

Encourage applications and questions allowing you to capture applicant information.  

"To discuss this opportunity further or to formally apply please contact us directly via the application system below. We will endeavour to respond to all applicants, thank you for your time."

Avoid building communication barriers, early human interaction can help build relationships with potential applicants. Huge application forms can put off many applicants who may at first simply want to know more about the role.  

Rather than include a phone number we would recommend getting applicants to apply via the site as we capture their email and telephone number for you so it is always trackable.

Featured adverts also need a 526 pixels wide x 275 pixels high marketing image we use this to help promote your vacancy vout to our industry specific social media network.

 Three further images of the company at work can be added to your company profile page click on the “View/Edit Company Details” in your account menu scroll down and you will see three slots, they are supposed to be for professional association logos but for now you can add three photos. These should be 340 pixels wide by 280 pixels high. If you add section 1. About the company, to your company area it will pre load this information to any future adverts you create saving you time in future. Don’t forget to click to save these images and changes.

If you have a You Tube video of the company at work also capture the URL to add to your featured advert. 

Unlike other sites we are here to support and assist our clients. We have over 20 years of experince in recruiting for the arboricultural industry so please ask us if you need assistance or guidance.