Job Seeker Site Changes 2023

Late 2022 we signed off a significant investment with our site developers to cover a suite of changes to the Arbjobs website improving its user experience and communications. The software updates have been under design and construction over the last three months and after trials updates will be starting to go live on the site. No doubt we will uncover a few glitches so if you have any problems please let us know. See how the updates will affect you. 

Changes for the Job Seeker 

Faster access to jobs - Easier search facility - Earlier access to job information - Faster navigation between jobs - Improved job alert system - Improved communications 

The home or index page has been laid out to improve smart phone design giving visitors instant access to jobs by sector. We have merged utility and forestry jobs in to the tree surgery sector so users get to see all the vacancies in one place. Whilst the more technical and training positions remain listed separately. 

A much-needed update to the job adverts is due to go live shortly and this will drop users straight in to details about the job and the benefits it offers, information about the company is moving further down the page. New fixed links at the top of the screen will allow you to apply/contact the employer and we have added new navigational arrows allowing you to to scroll forwards and backwards between the listings.