Is ZERO's helmet the Pinnacle of head protection ?

Can this £90 Tech helmet offer a viable alternative to the £200 Protos ? 

Pinnacle Zertec Helmet 

  • Koroyd - Energy Absorbtion 
  • HTH Technology - Alerts Emergency Services 
  • Antimocrobial Technology - Anti Bacterial
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Euro Slot  

The Pinnacle Zertec helmet by ZERO Height Safety stands out as an innovative safety gear designed not only for advanced breathability and an ultralight feel but, most importantly, for superior protection that significantly reduces the risk of life-altering injuries. Its key distinguishing features include the incorporation of Koroyd's advanced impact technology, Twiceme (HTH) technology, and Sanitized's antimicrobial technology into its internal padding.

Koroyd - Energy Absorbtion 

 At the core of its safety is Koroyd's impact-absorbing technology, a patented innovation that sets a new standard for safety by efficiently absorbing and dispersing impact energy, surpassing traditional materials. The use of Koroyd ensures unparalleled protection during accidents or falls, as the welded tubes crumple instantly and consistently upon impact, absorbing maximum force in a controlled manner. This unique design minimizes the energy transferred to the head, significantly reducing the risk of injury compared to conventional energy absorbers.

 Koroyd, renowned for its ultralight feel and superior breathability, goes beyond these features to offer enhanced protection through sacrificial plastic deformation. Unlike traditional materials that act as springs, storing and releasing energy over a micro-moment of time, Koroyd acts as a true energy absorber. This means that when the helmet is impacted, the material crumples, absorbs, and protects the wearer more effectively.

HTH Technology - Alerts Emergency Services 

 In addition to its safety features, the Pinnacle Zertec helmet integrates modern technology with the inclusion of Twiceme Help the Helpers (HTH) technology. Twiceme provides critical information to bystanders in the event of an accident. By tapping the Twiceme symbol with a smartphone, bystanders can alert emergency services, relay the wearer's location, and access vital information uploaded by the wearer. This feature not only enhances the wearer's safety but also facilitates a prompt and informed response in case of emergencies.

Antimocrobial Technology - Anti Bacterial 

 Sanitized's antimicrobial technology elevates helmet hygiene to a new standard. The pioneering design introduces an antimicrobial layer that adds an extra level of protection against microbes, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience for users.

 A key benefit of Sanitized internal helmet padding is its ability to provide effective solutions for natural odor management. Helmets, often worn for extended periods, can accumulate sweat and bacteria over time, resulting in unpleasant odors. With Sanitized technology, this concern becomes a thing of the past, as the antimicrobial treatment inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring that the helmet remains fresher for longer.

 Enhanced Comfort 

The Pinnacle Zertec helmet has undergone rigorous testing to not only meet but exceed industry safety standards. Engineered for full head coverage, it incorporates a secure fit system to ensure a snug and reliable fit. Additionally, the helmet is equipped with adjustable straps and padding to accommodate different head sizes, enhancing overall comfort.

Euro Slot - Sordin Ear Defenders 

Unlike some brands the Zertec has standard Euro Slots allowing the fittment of the tree care industries much loved and durable Sordin ear defenders in either 26 or 31 SNR. This also allows for fittment of the HSA mesh visors or choose from either a half or full face clear or smoked impact resistant Polycarbonate visor manufactured especially for the Zertec.