Is 2022 a good year to recruit staff ?

Despite advances in social media Arbjobs continues to be favoured by many employers and job seekers alike. Asked why this is Arbjobs owner Nick Pott says " I think its a mix our adverts last longer than social media posts and our data base of job seekers gives companies an instant link to targeted staff "

Nick goes on to explain how items on a viewers news feed may only last a few hours before being pushed down the feed by newer items he explains "Social media promotion definitely forms one part of our wider marketing strategy but it's not the solution to marketing". Nick explains that any vacancy needs to be promoted to a target group for a suitable period of time to try and ensure potential applicants get the chance to see the vacancy and apply.

Nick a lines recruitment to on line dating "Its unrealistic to expect that the right person for you isn't going to be sitting on a date site waiting for your advert to appear likewise it can take time to find the right person to fit your staffing needs and work ethics." Going on to explain " Before promoting any vacancy its important to research your competition who is also currently advertising in your area and what are they offering by comparison to your benefits package" "Staff often have a choice of roles to apply for if you are unable to be competitive on salary can you be better in other areas? Can you offer better welfare, equipment, training or career progression? All these items count when someone is looking to move to a new job" 

The Arbjobs website only promote’ s tree care positions aiming to put employers in contact with suitable staff. Arbjobs targets its marketing to reach workers within the arboricultural industry. Considering all they promote is tree care roles the site looks pretty busy. 

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