How to find tree surgery staff

Attract the right staff by making your job advert work!  

Need Staff ?

When you next need specialist arboricultural staff you are about to enter a highly competitive market place. Trainees apprentices and fresh starters are two a penny but if you are looking for experienced qualified staff I am afraid you need to make your advert work because applicants have a lot of choice.

Unlike recruitment agencies working with arbjobs is a good start any applicant can apply to you directly from our site and you can now monitor how many people have looked at each advert as it runs. It may be that you are happy to pay an agency to filter applicants for you and present nothing but the very best applicants if this is the case please contact us and we can forward you details some of the agencies work with us on a regular basis.

I started the jobs board Arbjobs because when I ran a tree care company like you I struggled to find staff. We do our best to ensure the industry are aware of our site. Google tell us we have somewhere between 5-8,000 visitors a month and are ranked very highly on most search engines so we are not doing too bad considering all we offer is tree related jobs!

So here is how you attract the right staff.

Start by drafting a good job advert based on our new template we have written a detailed guide to this HERE.

However in summary you need to sell an applicant on why they might want to work for you over someone else tell them how long you have been running your professional memberships and attitude to ongoing training.

Detail the job role detail out the sort of work they will be doing maybe not focus too much on the dull elements of the job we all know they exist so don't focus on them in your advert. Do detail any perks that come with the role like PPE, company car, CPD training and holiday entitlement. I never recommend detailing salary in an advert too low and you might lose the perfect candidate too high and you disappoint the applicant who needs more training.

Then highlight the skills you'd ideally like an applicant to have. Try to avoid terms like "Must have" it may deter an applicant who has exactly what you want but is short of a ticket or two, let's face it how long will it take to get that first aid at work or chipper ticket? Finally, "Must have a clean driving licence!" Really? With the increase drive for road safety unless you have live on the Island of Sark (no cars) for the last ten years there are not many of us have a completely clean licence nowadays is an SP30 really going to kill the deal?

Lastly choose your advert type carefully consider what staff are you are seeking?  Like I said if you just need an apprentice or new starter you might not need to work too hard so one of our standard listings should suit you. However, if you are seeking a higher skilled member of staff or need to fill a role quickly you certainly want to review our new featured listings these offer a lot more benefits and should help you attract a wider number of applicants. 

Featured jobs cost a little more but ask yourself how much are you losing each week running short staffed and what sort of reflection on your business is it if you are offering a high grade job in a standard job add ?

If you need any help with your advert or loading one, please contact us we are here to help.


Attract the right staff
Hope to have them queing
Direct staff to your company
Attract the right staff
Hope to have them queing
Direct staff to your company