EN471 HydraOptic Arborist Jacket

User review of the HydraOptic jacket from Bear Valley Co.

Stephen Salter of Irelands BH Tree Services has written our first product review.

"I stumbled across the Bear Valley web site when I was on the lookout for new rain gear the jackets caught my eye. I contacted the company, Sam Davies couldn't of been more helpful."

We had tried other arborist jackets int he past but I decided to try the bvc HydraOptic soft-shell because it has the EN471 reflective strips to keep us safe and the healthy and safety happy. When I tried the jacket the first thing I noticed is how light it was."

I also like the stretch in the material being a big lad in a tree is hard enough without your clothing restricting you. Last of all an probably most important....it's waterproof ,it's waterproof climbing , it's waterproof grounding , it's waterproof talking to customers. I'm delighted to have purchased The Bear Valley company and I will certainly be a regular customer.


Sam Davies of the Bear Valley responds:

"I am so pleased to hear Stephen is happy with his purchase."