Employer Account Changes 2023

Late 2022 we signed off a significant investment with our site developers to cover a suite of changes to the Arbjobs website improving its user experience and communications. The software updates have been under design and construction over the last three months and after trials updates will be starting to go live on the site. No doubt we will uncover a few glitches so if you have any problems please let us know. See how the updates will affect you. 

Changes for the Employer 

New Employer Guide - New advert guidance videos  - Improved job loading template - Simplified advert selection - Additional marketing budget options - New Supported campaign option

The new Employers tab on the index page helps guide employers regarding affective advert creation and content with links to our new suite of six new recruitment-based videos. 

The new job loading template will be broken in to smaller sections relating the company, the job and the marketing options. You can move easily between the three sections and work will be safely saved as you navigate. 

Results from our Featured adverts have proven them to be the most affective way to market any vacancy so moving forward all adverts will now be Featured adverts. With the new system employers will be able to choose an additional social media marketing budget to promote their vacancy. 

For clients who require a number of staff for one vacancy or have a large and ongoing project requiring staff we will be introducing a new "Supported" campaign. This package will not only include a Featured advert running for up to three months but also your own allocated personal recruitment assistant who will review and offer guidance on the advert content contact you with monthly updates on the adverts performance and assist with applicant communications.