CELOX in Arboriculture

Celox Haemostatic Agents in Arboriculture. 

Major bleeding remains the main cause of preventable death, it is the main cause of death in adults under 40 and haemorrhage is responsible for 30 to 40 % of all trauma death, out of these deaths upto half occur before even reaching the hospital , to add to the problem in severe trauma cases the blood no longer clots normally due to body cooling or the reaction to shock.

Celox can assist in stopping a life threatening bleed using a unique chitosan formulation which doesn't depend on the body’s independant clotting system and does not generate any heat.

Celox granules having been tested on the battlefield and can work in the most challenging temperatures from extreme cold to extreme heat, it also easily cleaned and  removed when the casualty reaches  surgery due to there being no minerals.

Statistic quote that when using the Celox gauze there is a 90% survival rate for the casualty.

So How Does It Work?

The chitosan absorbs fluid, swells and forms a gel, it electrostatically attracts the red blood cells and “ plugs the gap” which means it does not rely on the body’s own clotting mechanism.

It is made a refined shrimp shell ( anyone one who suffers from anaphylaxis shock this will not effect them) .

Points To Using Celox:

Always apply direct pressure to the wound before apply a haemostatic dressing,  once applied send the packaging with the casualty to the hospital so that they know it has been applied.

Always check the expiry date on the packaging.

Do not use it on an open chest wound, head injury , airway or eyes.

Different Types Of Celox:

Celox Haemostatic Gauze: This a non – woven gauze laiminated with celox granules and individually packed in a Z fold. It is excellent in extreme weather conditions such as strong winds , rain , snow or poor visability.

Celox Rapid Gauze : Celox rapid removes the compression time to just 60 seconds also packs faster .

Celox Haemostatic Applicator : penetrating injuries such as a spike  or knife wound need to be stopped quickly , this a unique applicator delivery system , pre packed with celox granules and designed through a small entry wound directly to the bleeding site in just seconds. Simple and easy to use.

Celox Granules: These are suitable for : All moderate to severe bleeding, arterial and venous bleeding, surface and deeps wounds, head, neck and face.

Celox has been shown to :

Save lives

Reliably stops arterial bleeding

Reduces blood loss

Clot blood containing anti – coaqulants ( warfarin)

Clot hypothermic blood.

So, as I have said before with 6 litres of blood in the body pumped around in a minute if you cut a main artery you have three minutes in which to stem the bleed and try to save the life of the casualty, collegue/friend.

I have come across tree surgeons who carry Celox in their packs and hope to rely on it only as a last resort should something go drastically wrong but have no idea how to use the product correctly. Are you or your collegues ready to tackle the worst case scenario? Do you know how to select and use the right Celox product and use it correctly and afely? 

 If you would like more information check out www.celoxmedical.com for more information.

Julian Woodall is Training Director for Medic Services International, is ex British Army, qualified as a remote areas medic, was first aid instructor for the Royal Navy from 2008 until 2012 and now works in the UK and overseas training companies in managing remote area first aid,  he has been training arborists since 2013.

If you'd like Julian to organise specialist first aid training for your company including training on the safe use of Celox products please visit his website www.medicservicesinternational.com 

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