Bright Idea ?

Is the UK arborist market missing out on it's share of the estimated 6.1 Billion spent worldwide in 2023 on christmas decorations and lighting? 

Global data analysts STATISTA in this report on worldwide sales suggest the 2023 global value in this sector is over six billion dollars with anticipated growth to over 10 billion by 2028. The developments in LED lighting now make it safer, easier and cheaper to run strings of lighting in and around our garden trees. 

Companies like Ignite based in Houston charge from $3,500 dollars for outside residential christmas lighting schemes. A quick google search with pulls up a handfull of UK based specialist lighting companies like Rochester based We Hang Christmas Lights.

So, could the lead up to winter be made a little more productive by using your equipment and skills in contracting for these companies? Of course the lights will probably need to come down as well so double whammy at what can be a very quiet time of the year for the tree care industry. 

The truly entrepreneurial amongst our readers may want to find suppliers like Xmas Direct who can supply LED strings of up to 400 meters with 8,000 LED lights. Lets face it you already know which customers would probably pay for this service and what trees they have on site. We look forward to seeing photos of your work making the Christmas landscape a little more magical.