Are you Mayfly marketing ?

What is mayfly marketing?

Short lived marketing that has its place but really shouldn’t replace tried and tested methods of marketing a vacancy.

If you can work out how to target the users you want free social media posts can work but and heres the rub unless your going to pay for additional marketing your advert is still going to get replaced on a users timeline within seconds of your submission as they are swamped by other peoples posts. Lets face it fluffy kittens, food and jokes have a lot more appeal than most job adverts. 

So how do you get your advert seen?

Well as I said you have to pay to reach the target audience you want.

Ok so how do you find your target audiance? 

Well you have to take time to set up a campaign to drill down through the miraid of data social media collects to select the correct age, sex demoraphics, interests to try and reach out to a few thousand people roughly liking things that could mean they work in your industry. Yes thsi may still may not match the people you are seeking and if they do, are they seeking a job role right now? Or are you wasting your time and money? 

So why use social media?

For us we budget to create constant paid feeds in to social media building awareness of our brand so when industry specialists are seeking a job they know where to come. In 2019 alone our social media campaigns reached 2,151,084 individuals yes just over two million. On average 179,257 a month now compare than to the reach of any trade publication.

However social media forms just one small part of our marketing service we also still use trade publications, shows, sponsorship, industry outreach and SEO to ensure applicants find our site and our clients job vacancies. 

So do you want to reach potential applicants today ?

Each new advert loaded is matched to our data base of candidates by the geographical area, job sector and job title you select. Once you have done loaded an advert you can buy a Premier Job alert and these send out an exclusive email about your job role to matching candidates actively seeking employment at this time.

Get people applying to your role by carefully targeting potential applicants. Give yourself the best chance of recruiting by ensuring your advert content is correct that it presents your company and job offer in the best light possible. Use our free guide to help you write your next advert.

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