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If you’re looking to create a CV for an arborist position, then you’re in the right place. Arbjobs is the World’s largest jobs board dedicated to Tree Surgeons and Arborists. We know a thing or two about getting qualified and non-qualified Arborists into the right jobs all over the globe. 

Continue below for advice on how to write your C.V., advice on what qualifications you need, how to become certified and how to use our jobs board.


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Arborist C.V. Template


[First name] | [Last name] | [Relevant Certification]

[Phone number]
[Email address]

Work Experience/ Professional Summary

In your first section, you need to give them an impression of who you are as a professional. We recommend a short paragraph on each of your most relevant work experiences to date. 


I am a hardworking and dedicated arborist looking to further my development in the field of arboriculture. My strengths include climbing, technical proficiency and communication.

My Experience 

Abney Tree Services | 3 + Years | Arborist

I worked at Abney for 3 years and earned my role as a career arborist. I am leaving this role to work for an environmental firm. Here is a brief summary of my experience and the skills I gained while working there. 

  • Expertise: Accumulated 3+ years of hands-on experience as an arborist at Abney Tree Services. Proficient in tree maintenance, pruning, and all current removal techniques.
  • Safety-First Approach: Prioritised safety protocols during tree operations, ensuring a secure work environment for both team members and clients.
  • Tree Health Assessments: Conducted thorough assessments of tree health, identifying diseases, pests, and structural issues. Provided informed recommendations for treatment and preventive care.
  • Equipment Proficiency: Demonstrated competence in using chainsaws, climbing gear, and specialised tools. Skilled in rigging methods for controlled tree removal, crown reduction and stump grinding.
  • Collaborative Team Player: Effective communicator and team collaborator, contributing to successful project outcomes.

*Include any added-value aspects of your former employment as this may put you ahead of other candidates. For the most recent role, list five experience items. For previous roles, list three.


Feel free to add as many qualifications as you see fit if you hold multiple qualifications. We recommend adding your educational awards starting with the highest in terms of recognition. 

We recommend splitting your education and general certification into 2 sections. This will allow the hiring firm to better differentiate between your vocational learning and your general education. 


[Name of the course] |  [Name of the Certificate] | [Name of the Awarding Body] | [Year completed or expiration date]

Licences and Certification

Being an arborist requires many different licenses or certificates to be able to do our jobs safely. Add them to a separate section below ‘Education’ to show your prospective employer your level of training. Remember to add your driving license here, too. 

[Name of the course] | [Name of the Certificate] | [Name of the Awarding Body] | [Year completed or expiration date]

Relevant Skills

Include in this section anything that you may feel will be relevant to the role which doesn’t come with an accreditation directly relating to arboriculture.   


  • GIS Mapping: Familiarity with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for tree inventory, tracking, and planning.
  • Climbing:  I regularly climb and boulder around my native city and local gorge with a team of climbers.
  • First Aid: I currently hold a level 3 certificate for first aid
  • Long-distance Running:  I currently compete at a 10km level and within the top percentile within my age bracket. 
  • Gardening: I enjoy gardening in my spare time, and I own an allotment which grows radishes, peas and herbs. 

Link to Download C.V.

Languages Spoken

 If you are looking to work abroad, then you may want to add any spoken languages to your CV or application to put you ahead of the other prospective applicants. 


Spanish | Proficiency B1 | Intermediate 

French | Proficiency C1 | Effective operational efficiency

Written Statement

Conclude your CV with a written statement which brings your CV together. Here, you may want to add a little section of information which speaks to the employer and possibly offers extra context or information. 

Try and explain why you have personally applied to this job listing in your written statement. This section may be the only section that you edit specifically for each job application, so make sure to use this chance to appeal to the hiring firm themselves. 


Furthering my development is the key reason I am looking at pursuing other opportunities within the world of arbory.

I am looking to work for a company that puts environmental efforts first. In my current role, I am an arborist working as a team leader, and I spend most of my time organising my team, rather than making an environmental difference.

As your job listing on Arbjobs mentions that you are looking for an environmentally focused arborist, I thought that I would be perfect for the role. 

It is my career goal to eventually become a senior arborist at a countywide firm of arborists, by combining my current skills and experience that I will pick up under your employment. 

With over 3 years of dedicated service at Abney Tree Surgery, I honed my arboricultural skills working under Craig Rodgers, who later went on to win the Aerial Rescue Competition at the 2024 UK & Ireland Tree Climbing Competition

I enjoy fishing in my spare time, having recently spent 2 days on Hawes Water in Cumbria.

Link to Download C.V.

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