About Arbjobs

We are Arbjobs, a job board dedicated to helping arborists and tree surgeons in the UK, US, Australia and across the globe find the right job for them. From tree surgery to technical arb and even traineeships, the jobs we advertise cover a range of different skill levels and specialisations. So whether you are a tree surgeon looking for a new role or an employer looking to reach more applicants for open roles, we’re here to help. 

Arbjobs was launched in 1999 by arborist and founder Nick Pott to help connect specialist staff within the arboricultural industry with potential jobs and employers. Arbjobs was the first job board created for tree surgery and arboricultural jobs and since its creation, we’ve helped thousands of employees and employers alike around the world. Helping people within the arboricultural industry find work that suits their expertise was the foundation of why we started this business. It remains at the heart of everything we do today. 

Meet The Founder 

Nick Pott 

Nick has worked within the arborist industry since the early 90s and has years of experience both working and recruiting for a multitude of arborist jobs. Having worked in arboriculture from his early twenties Nick became frustrated with the time and cost of recruitment. From this, he was driven to create a platform to help unite skilled people within his industry to fulfill job requirements. Nick reminisces on first starting the site: 

"In the 90s we (industry employers) were all still relying on quarterly trade press adverts or the national papers to find staff. The local job centre was sending along applicants with no experience, it was an expensive and slow process. A friend of mine was into this technical stuff and offered to build a website for my company. I remember sitting with him in a cold little office with his huge desktop computer humming gently from under the desk. We were working on the site layout when he asked me if I wanted to add a jobs page. A few seconds passed as the penny slowly dropped. Yes please, but can you build me another website for everyone to post jobs on? That was it, Arbjobs was born.”

Was that it? 

" No not at all we started with maybe 50 people a month finding the site, employers would send me a cheque or cash through the post to type up an advert for them. It took years to gather momentum and as technology moved on we had to invest in several rebuilds of the website. Mobile phones really revolutionised the whole system, if a worker is having a bad day at work they can pick up their phone at lunchtime and start applying for new jobs. I say lunchtime because staff are never on their phones during working hours are they ha ha. " 

With over 24 years of experience Nick is now a pretty experienced recruiter who understands the ups and downs of the tree care industry. He now works with a talented team of in-house specialists, as well as external site development,  SEO, and DBMS specialists to help connect tree care specialists with the right opportunities through the Arbjobs board. 

The numbers speak for themselves. In 2022 we ran over 1,000 recruitment adverts with 724,421 page views and 2,491* direct job applications.

*2'491 figure does not include results from external application systems.

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